Life Insurance Industry organises Blood Donation Campaign at over 30 strategic locations nationwide

LIAM generates awareness and promotes healthy lifestyle among Malaysians
Kuala Lumpur, Thursday, 5 October 2018: The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia, its 16 member companies and the National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance And Family Takaful Advisors (NAMLIFA) are collaborating with Pusat Darah Negara to organize the Health Awareness and Nationwide Blood Donation Campaign 2018 to generate awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle among Malaysians.
The campaign was launched yesterday at the Concourse Area of Medan MARA, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur with additional activities for the public to participate such as complimentary health screenings, health talks, quit smoking clinic, BMI tests, CPR demo, health consultation and advisory services from 1-5 October 2018.
The nationwide blood donation campaign is currently taking place at over 30 locations throughout the country from 1 October until 31 October 2018.  Members of the public are advised to visit to find out more on the locations and dates of the campaign throughout the country.
Meanwhile, the 5-day campaign in Medan MARA with collaborative partners namely Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), Lembaga Penduduk Dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN) ,Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn Bhd,  (KPJ Healthcare Berhad), Cancer Research Malaysia and Peak Fitness Sdn. Bhd. is aimed at bringing the industry closer to the rakyat from all walks of life.
According to the Chairman of Industry Promotion Committee of LIAM, Mr Ramzi Toubassy, in conjunction with this year’s blood donation campaign, the industry took the initiative to generate greater awareness among the people on the importance of regular health screenings to keep track of their health condition and to educate them on health issues through the health talks conducted by doctors and specialists.
“With one common objective in mind and in the true spirit of caring, sharing and giving, we are working together with our co-partners to encourage people from all walks of life to donate blood and at the same time keep track of their health condition.  We hope the public will benefit from this campaign and take this opportunity to do their health screening while donating blood for the needy”, Mr Ramzi reiterated.
Over the years, the life insurance industry has been organising various community service programmes with the objective to be more engaging with the community.
Through the Insurans Hayat Cares community service platform, the industry organizes various charitable programmes for the community including children, youths, undergraduates and the needy around the country.  These include festive gatherings, goodwill visits, youth video competitions, talks at Universities, consumer education programmes and talent development programmes for undergraduates, which is known as LIAM Structured Internship Programme.
The LIAM Structured Internship Programme has to date enrolled over 300 undergraduates who undergo their internship with 14 life insurance companies and two reinsurance companies in the country.  The programme which commenced in September 2016 has provided young talents the opportunity to join the industry which has wide spectrums of job prospects in tandem with the dynamic growth and transformation of the industry. It also encourages students to develop good leadership skills through the training process and subsequently will produce interns who are confident, creative and innovative.
On 3 September 2018, the industry concluded the Grand Finale of its youth engagement programme, the #IDAREYOUChallenge2017, a joint collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia.  Aimed at generating awareness on the importance of financial planning and protection among the young generation, the competition attracted over 2,500 Group entries from students in 20 Universities nationwide.  A total of RM50,000 cash prizes were won by 10 finalists from Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), International Advertising, Communication and Technology College (IACT) and Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU). Visit for details.
In November last year, the industry created another history with the rolled out of six affordable, accessible and easy to understand protection plans under the Perlindungan Tenang – Mampu & Mudah initiative for all Malaysians, particularly the B40 household segment. Through the basic protection under the Perlindungan Tenang – Mampu & Mudah initiative, Malaysians can now protect themselves and families (against key risks in life) with premiums as low as RM33 per annum for protection from RM10,000 to RM30,000. It also offers easy claims processes where claims will be paid within five working days upon full documentation.
On 6 September this year, LIAM collaborated with Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to empower Malaysian freelancers with Perlindungan Tenang – Mampu & Mudah affordable protection plans. These plans will benefit some 15,000 freelancers who do not have any form of safety net like EPF and SOCSO.
The sharing economy initiative with MDEC will also open up more opportunities for the Malaysian freelancers to deliver digital and non-digital works to LIAM member companies and stakeholders from time to time.
LIAM would also encourage Malaysian freelancers to be potential Perlindungan Tenang’s representatives (Wakil Tenang) to sell/promote Perlindungan Tenang products to other Malaysians.
The Perlindungan Tenang is seen as the answer for insurance protection for all Malaysians, which is easily accessible and fits their needs.  Ultimately, it would help to fulfil the nation’s aspiration of reducing the protection gaps and achieving the financial inclusion agenda.
For details, call LIAM Corporate Communications Department at 03 26916168/6628/8068.
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