LIAM Local Chapters - Sabah and Sarawak

In line with the industry’s aspiration to create a prominent presence of LIAM and its activities within the insurance fraternity and community in East Malaysia, the industry has formed the Sabah Liaison Committee and Sarawak Liaison Committee.

The local chapters were launched in conjunction with the Karnival Kewangan Sarawak from 24-26 November 2017. Among the key areas include the sharing of information/activities/plans carried out by LIAM in the area of financial education, financial inclusion and community outreach programmes.

The formation of the LIAM Local Chapters is in line with the industry's aspiration to achieve the financial inclusion agenda and to increase the penetration rate in Malaysia.

Terms of Reference:

a) The LIAM-Sabah Liaison and LIAM-Sarawak Liaison Committees shall be the appointed representative body in which LIAM will communicate with. This will include, but not limited to, sharing of circulars on key issues, press release, etc.
b) The Liaison Committees shall also play an active role to assist LIAM to carry out /promote activities in Sabah and Sarawak in accordance with LIAM’s vision and mission.
c) An annual dialogue will be organised each year to enable both parties to share and plan out activities for the next 12 months.
d) The Liaison Committees shall provide updates/report to LIAM on progress of activities from time to time
e) The Liaison Committee shall make recommendations, advise LIAM on the developments of activities/contents to suit the local community in Sabah and Sarawak
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