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#AmbilTauBarulahTau MHIT Campaign - Article by BURO 24/7
#AmbilTauBarulahTau MHIT Campaign - Article by Lee Sharing
#AmbilTauBarulahTau MHIT Campaign - Article by Siakap Keli
Set 4 - #AmbilTauBarulahTau - Do you know that claiming responsibly will sustain your policy/certificate which helps preserve your annual/lifetime limit?
Set 3 - #AmbilTauBarulahTau - Do you know that the medical claims inflation could affect your premium/contribution? Find out other reasons that could affect the sustainability of your medical coverage.
Set 2 - #AmbilTauBarulahTau - How do you make cashless claims when you are admitted in hospital?
Set 1 - #AmbilTauBarulahTau - Why is medical coverage important? Do you know how it works?
Program Bantuan COVID-19
COVID-19 Relief Programme
Why has my medical claim been declined by my insurer/takaful operator?
The entire insurance/takaful industry runs on the concept of risk pooling
Medical Inflation - Why do my premiums/contributions keep on increasing?
Semua yang anda perlu tahu tentang Penamaan Insurans Hayat/Takaful
All You Need to Know About Life Insurance/Takaful Nomination
Investment-linked policies —improving disclosure and transparency for customers
Pelan Berkaitan Pelaburan - Meningkatkan Pendedahan Dan Ketelusan Untuk Pelanggan
Investment-Linked Sales Illustration
A Three-Part Series: It pays to understand your medical and health plan
A Three-Part Series: Why do my medical and health plan premiums/contributions keep increasing?
A Three-Part Series: The lowdown on medical and health insurance/takaful
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