Response to article published in The Star on 26th September 2016 “No mandatory hospitalisation”

We refer to the above article published in The Star on page 10 (Nation section) on 26 September 2016. 
The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) wishes to clarify that all individual medical plans sold by life insurance companies provide Day Care Surgery benefits (up to the limits stated in the medical plan schedule).  Patients are not required to be hospitalised overnight for a surgical procedure that can be done on a day care basis, just to ensure the treatment cost is covered by their medical plan.
In fact, medical plans sold by life insurance companies also provide other additional benefits such as Outpatient Emergency Accidental Treatment, Outpatient Kidney Dialysis, Outpatient Cancer treatment and Pre / Post hospitalisation benefits cover in addition to the standard medical plan benefit that covers inpatient hospital costs.
With the advancement in medical science, certain surgeries can be performed on a day care basis and this has resulted in lesser hospital acquired infections, reduced waiting time for elective surgeries, minimal disruption of patient’s normal life encouraging early return to mobility and work and costs savings.
We hope the above clarifies and will help readers better understand their medical plan benefits. It is important not only for patients but also for doctors and hospitals to be aware of the Day Care surgical procedures cover offered by life insurance companies in Malaysia.
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