Life Insurance Industry celebrates Hari Raya with children and stakeholders

Media friends, regulators and business partners join in the festive celebration in the spirit of muhibbah
Kuala Lumpur, 27 June 2018 - The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) together with its 16 member companies brought festive cheer to about 115 children and their caretakers at the inaugural LIAM Raya Open House in Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
Headed by LIAM’s President, Ms Anusha Thavarajah, LIAM’s team was also represented by Mr Rangam Bir, LIAM’s Vice-President, Mr Ramzi Toubassy, LIAM’s Chairman of Industry Promotion Committee and Chief Executive Officers of life insurance companies. The team brought smiles to the faces of the children and teenagers, age ranging from 6 to 17 years old when they presented “Duit Raya” and goodie bags containing teddy bear, school bag, coin boxes, stationaries, toiletries, tumbler and pouch to the children.
Other than the goodie bags and “Duit Raya” for the children, LIAM also contributes donation in kind to the four homes which consist of household basic items such as foodstuff, groceries and toiletries.
“We are privileged today with the presence of all of you to celebrate this occasion with LIAM in the spirit of muhibbah. Thank you for making this event so special for us,” said Anusha.
“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Principals and Caretakers of the 4 Homes namely Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah, Ampang, Rumah Bakti Nursyaheera, Cheras, Rainbow House, Cheras and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Waja Home, Klang. Your sacrifice, love and devotion to the care for these children and teenagers will go a long way in nurturing them into fine, young adults one day,” she added.
Over the past 4 decades, the life insurance industry underwent significant transformation process, adapting to regulatory changes and implementing various key measures to support the long term growth of the industry. Today, with the strong support from 16 member companies and stakeholders, we emerge as a stable and progressive industry, standing tall as a key financial pillar of the nation.Apart from being a leading insurance association in the country, LIAM also plays its part in giving back to the community.
Through its community service platform – Insurans Hayat Cares, LIAM contributed to the community through a myriad of activities ranging from blood donation drives, contributions to orphanages, old folk homes, paediatric wards, outward bound activities for teenagers, engagement programmes with youths and the needy in
different parts of the country.
Through our collaboration with the Ministry of Education, we reach out to the youth community through various youth engagement programmes. Our objective is to reach out to the young generation and continue to engage with them so that they are exposed to the life insurance industry and enhance their understanding and appreciation for life insurance. Programmes such as the Youth Video Awards 2015 and Youth Video Awards 2016 as well as #IDAREYOUChallenge2017 have exposed these young talents directly to the life insurance industry via roadshows and classroom engagement sessions at various higher learning institutions in the country which had received overwhelming response from students and lecturers.
As part of the industry’s contribution towards human capital development under the Insurans Hayat Cares’ community platform, we provide internship opportunities at 16 life insurance and reinsurance companies to young undergraduates through the LIAM Structured Internship Programme, another collaborative effort with the Ministry of Education.
The 3-month internship experience which is adapted from the TalentCorp Structured Internship programme, encourages students to develop good leadership skills through
the training process which is aimed to produce interns who are confident, creative and innovative.
The industry continues to reach out to all Malaysians to educate them on the importance of life insurance protection. Ultimately, we hope to fulfil our aspiration to insure 75% of the population, narrowing the protection gaps and fulfilling the financial inclusion agenda. 
In line with this aspiration, in November last year, LIAM, PIAM and MTA together with Bank Negara Malaysia had created another milestone with the launch of 10 affordable protection plans under Perlindungan Tenang- Mampu & Mudah, a national initiative to serve the needs of all Malaysians, particularly the B40 segment.
It bodes well with the industry’s efforts in embarking on various educational and awareness programmes, creating urgency on the importance of financial protection and how insurance and takaful can meet the needs of the rakyat. Through the basic protection provided under Perlindungan Tenang initiative, Malaysians can now protect
themselves and families (against key risks in life) with premiums/contribution from only a few ringgit per month. 
Aimed at enhancing the accessibility and affordability of insurance and takaful protection among Malaysians, Perlindungan Tenang offers product choice through
various distribution channels, good protection value, and administrative ease during the purchase and claims process.
We hope in the next few months, more companies will come on board to participate in the Perlindungan Tenang – Mampu & Mudah initiative which is aimed to reduce the protection gaps in the country. 
As we embark on our continued evolution towards reaching out to our Malaysian consumers, and with the strong support from all our stakeholders, we at LIAM together with other industry players will continue to pursue our aspiration in creating awareness and educating consumers on the importance of life protection and financial education.
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