LIAM unveils 7 winners of #BUKANEXTRA Campaign Contest

LIAM’s inaugural social media campaign brings young Malaysians closer to life insurance and demystify life insurance through social media engagements

Kuala Lumpur, 11 January 2021 – The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) together with its 16 member companies have selected the top seven winners of the #BUKANEXTRA Contest, a social media campaign which was aimed to generate awareness and educate young Malaysians on the importance of life insurance protection.  The campaign took place from 9 September 2020 to 31 October 2020.   The top seven winners were selected from a total of 715 entries received on @LIAMalaysia instagram.

A total of RM8,000 worth of Touch & Go eWallet credits, which include a Grand Prize of RM2,000 and Six Consolation Prizes worth RM1,000 each were won by seven winners of diverse backgrounds – one from Johor, two from Kuala Lumpur, three from Selangor and one from Melaka.

Rosismer bin Roslan, 31, a freelance videographer from Kota Tinggi, Johor won the hearts of the jury with his winning video ‘Burger Rebirth’  and bagged the Grand Prize of RM2,000 of Touch & Go eWallet credits.  
The other six consolation prizes of RM1,000 Touch & Go eWallet credits each went to Lim Sooi Ping, 42, a housewife from Kuala Lumpur with video titled – ‘Flying Wig while Singing’; Asyraaf bin Rahmat, 22, a University student from Durian Tunggal, Melaka with video titled - ‘Stucked Finger’;  Joanne Foong Li Ping, 26, a marketing executive from Ampang, Selangor with video tiltled -‘Funny Face Challenge’; Kelly Kang Chai Hui, 26, a financial executive from Petaling Jaya, Selangor with video titled - ‘English’;  Lee Chee Cai, 30, a national Dodgeball coach/digital content creator from Kelana Jaya, Selangor with video titled – ‘Sharp Shooter’ and Yeoh Xue Fen, 34, a teacher from Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur with video titled – ‘Korean Drama’.

Targeting the youth, single professionals, newly-married couples and young families, the #BUKANEXTRA campaign was also aimed to encourage financial planning among the younger generation and to create a sense of urgency to act early; and to bring the insurance industry closer to the younger generation and demystify life insurance through social media engagements.

According to the Chairman of Industry Promotion Committee of LIAM, Ramzi Toubassy, the 2-month campaign of #BUKANEXTRA on social media has garnered over 10.2 million viewers, over 14.6 million impressions and 1.5 million video viewers.  

“We are very encouraged with the positive response from the public and hope that the strong message highlighted in the campaign will give a lasting impact on them.  The key message that we would like to highlight from the campaign is that you would always desire something extra in life but Life Insurance is not extra; it is a necessity,” said Ramzi.

“The seven lucky winners from the total 715 contest entries were chosen based on their creativity, impactful storyline and fulfilled the criteria set by LIAM. We hope their entries will encourage more Malaysians to embrace life insurance, enhance their understanding and appreciation for life insurance. LIAM consumer education program on social media will continue with its second season in the coming months.  So, stay tuned with us,” said Ramzi.

Speaking on his winning entry, Rosismer who fondly known as Emir said, “Apart from the excitement to win the #BUKANEXTRA grand prize, I was keen to produce an extraordinary video which I believe would help to connect the message on the importance of life insurance protection among Malaysians,”.

Emir who is active on social media has been participating in a number of contests since 2016 and won a few of them.  “In this new era, using digital marketing and social media platform are very important and this initiative by LIAM has enabled educational information on insurance to be channelled so easily and fast.” Emir added.  

Meanwhile, housewife Lim Sooi Ping echoed with Emir on the importance of life insurance protection.  She said, “There are many things that people take for granted – time, health and savings.  Personally, insurance does more than covering for sickness; it gives you a piece of mind about your unpredictable future.  I believe LIAM is all out to educate and create awareness about the importance of insurance and knowing what you are paying for.”

For student, Asyraaf bin Rahmat, the #BUKANEXTRA campaign on social media is a brilliant idea and is an effective way to engage with the young generation.  

National Dodgeball coach, Lee Chee Cai said, “Personally I think this social media initiative is great and it reminds us that having an insurance is not an extra thing.”

Teacher, Yeo Xue Fen added, “It is very educative and informative.  I have learnt a lot on the terms related to insurance especially the meaning of the terms in the policy that I am not familiar with.”

LIAM President, Loh Guat Lan congratulated all winners and expressed her hope to see more participation from youth in embracing life insurance.  We need to increase the penetration rate to 75% from the current 54% and we are looking at the young generation to take up this challenge.  This is the right time for Malaysians to protect themselves from uncertainties in life and having a safety net for themselves and their loved ones.

“They are young, healthy and at the early stages of their careers and family life. We want to prepare the youth mindset and inculcate the financial planning habit as soon as they join the workforce”, added Loh.
For more information on #BUKANEXTRA, visit or visit LIAM Corporate website and follow LIAM Facebook page at LIAM-Life Insurance Association of Malaysia and @LIAMalaysia on Instagram for life insurance industry updates and initiatives. 

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