• Addressing the Life Insurance Protection Gap in Malaysia
    Inadequate insurance coverage even for people who have purchased life insurance was one of the findings that were uncovered in a study commissioned by LIAM recently. In announcing the results of a research study undertaken by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on the “Protection gap or Underinsurance gap in Malaysia”,..
LIAM continues to raise public awareness on life insurance products through the industry-driven programme entitled Consumer Education Programme (CEP). Known as Insuranceinfo, this consumer education programme is a joint effort between Bank Negara Malaysia and the insurance and takaful industry... Read More

Berapa Nilai Insurans yang cukup
Artikel ini mengajar bagaimana hendak menentukan berapa banyak perlindungan yang kita sebenarnya perlukan. Jika anda bertanya kepada ejen insurans yang kurang berpengalaman, besar kemungkinan dia akan bertanya anda: “Berapa bajet anda?” Jika anda bertanya kepada akauntan pula, besar kemungkinan dia akan bertanya: “Sudahkah anda menyediakan bajet untuknya?” Mari kita menelitinya dari sudut pandangan berasaskan keperluan. Klik disini untuk artikel tersebut.


Why do we need life insurance protection? It is because our life is filled with uncertainties and risks. Therefore it is important to get adequate protection for ourselves and our loved ones should the unexpected happen.

How to get protected? By opting for Life Insurance, you can gain protection against unforeseen events such as early death, disability or critical illnesses.